Who wants ice cream in the middle of winter?  My kids do!  They are no different than any other kids when it comes to dessert.  They want it all the time!  While it is not a part of every meal, I do make dessert multiple times a week. Ice cream can actually be very quick and easy?! I started making my own ice cream a few summers ago, when we cut dairy out for one of my kiddos.  I made a lot of ice cream that summer.  I’ve been making it ever since.  It certainly is served a lot in the summer months in our home, sometimes daily.   I often whip it together for dessert throughout the year too.  The other night I did just that.  I realized I probably didn’t make enough dinner for the level of hunger I saw from my kiddos, and quickly added vanilla ice cream to the menu for dinner.  Made with Coconut milk is can add a excellent dose of good fat.

Vanilla Ice Cream



Combine milk of choice, tapioca flour, egg yolks (I would not use raw eggs unless you know the source), vanilla, honey or maple syrup, and salt in blender.  After ingredients are mixed thoroughly pour them into ice cream maker that is already running.  (I keep my bowl of the ice cream maker in freezer.  It is hard to get ice cream texture if it is not frozen.).  Let it run for 10-15 minutes.  When you get desired texture, serve and enjoy!