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I am a wife, a mother, a former teacher, and now a Holistic Health Coach.  Looking back I have always been somewhat of a health nut.  Learning what worked for my body and what didn’t, and slowly crowding things out of my diet became a natural practice for me before I even realized that’s what I was doing.  When I would gain some weight, I would stop over indulging.  When I felt sluggish, I would think about what I had eaten and eliminate or certainly reduce that food.  When I got horrible cramps and felt awful on a daily bases, I would start eliminating things in my diet and see what happened.  At a younger age this was just part of my journey with no real thought to it.

When my husband and I merged into our life together, we had different thoughts on what was actually food.  Which led to interesting debates early on.

After our first child was born, we both easily unified that providing him with the best nutrition was one of our priorities. Which continued with our second child, and on to our third. With anything, this evolved as we learned more. But not long after we learned we were expecting our third child, our life got turned upside down. Our oldest started having seizures, well that’s what we realized they were after some time. A few more tests revealed that he had a brain tumor. Now I share this not to focus on the negative, but rather to shed some light on how our life challenges shape and mold us. Our journey with my son was challenging to say the least. But we tried to educate ourselves very quickly to make the best choices we could for him and his future. Through his journey and the hospitals we went through until we landed at a Nationally recognized Children’s Hospital, we saw many sick kids. To this day, every time we take him for a checkup my husband and I are both humbled on how blessed we are. But one thing struck me as odd during our journey. No one ever asked about our lifestyle and diet, or his diet. I should mention that his tumor was a slow growing tumor that was probably there from birth. It was so strange to me that no one seemed interested in anything about our lifestyle. Did it matter? Why didn’t it matter to them? Why is there such an increase in cancer, diabetes, allergies, diseases, and just common illnesses? What is going on inside our bodies? Why does being healthy not matter until you’re not? I have spent over five years trying to educate myself more on those questions.

The year after his tumor was removed, he entered Kindergarten. To a wonderful little school I might add! But the way he ate looked totally different from his peers. I remember some friends and family members saying to me, “Pick and choose your battles!”. Is that an oath all parents take? But for me this was not one I was willing to give in to. What I quickly learned in parenting my own children was that it wasn’t enough just to provide them with real food. Healthy food! I had to educate them. To me educating them on the food, or fuel they give their body is every bit as important as anything else we are trying to teach them. But with so many views of what food really is, educating is not so simple. If you know me or my children personally, it is not uncommon for one of them to call people out when they see them eating something that they have learned does nothing but harm their bodies. While it makes me happy that I am making an impact in their beliefs, it can be rather embarrassing at times:) Kids are among the most honest people we interact with! It is also not uncommon for my own children to indulge in food that is not really food when it is offered to them in social settings. Both sides are certainly challenging and tricky to navigate. We are raising children and living in a world that doesn’t emphasize the importance of what we put in our bodies. Which is fine, until something goes wrong, and then its not fine.

I share this so you understand my journey and my belief that we need to educate and change the way we treat our bodies. The research on the quality of health a person has, to the food they consume is astounding. Putting the connection between what you put in your body and on it, and how it fuels and sends information throughout your body is empowering. The choices we make matter!

Whether your goal is to loose weight, gain energy, reduce stress, feel better, or simply to make better choices for your family, I would love to help educate and empower you and your family!



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