Coconut Milk has been a staple in our house for years!  It is quick, easy, and inexpensive to make.  Coconut has many health benefits including it’s packed with medium chained fatty acid and lauric acid.  Some benefits of these nutrients include weight management and energy boost, lower risk of inflammation, and antibacterial properties to name a few.  There are so many dairy free milk options available in grocery stores these days, but making it yourself eliminates packaging with BPA and also avoids additional additives.  And, did I mention it’s super cheap and easy to make?


Coconut Milk


Heat water until steaming, but not boiling.  Place shredded coconut and warm water in blender.

Use less coconut (1 1/2 cups) when the coconut is super fine, and more (2 cups) when it has larger flakes.  After blending coconut and water, strain mixture through a cheesecloth.  I usually just place my cheesecloth in the pot I heated water.  (I like to dirty the least amount of dishes possible:)

After straining coconut, you can reuse coconut meat or compost it.  I often add it to smoothies.  Add Vanilla and any sweetener or flavor of choice.

Your Coconut Milk can be stored in old glass milk jugs or even glass jars, and is best if used in 3 to 4 days.