Host a Wellness Party!

What is a Wellness Party?

A Wellness Party is a party with a small group that is designed around the Health and Wellness interests of the hostess. Wellness Living will work with host to create a party that will explore and share the area of interest of Health and Wellness the hostess wants to focus on. Think any type of home party you have been to, with a Health and Wellness spin!

 Rates quoted upon request.


This party would give a brief introduction to Wellness Living Services. It would provide an example in a few areas of Wellness that interest the Host. Takeaways would be provided for guests. The hostess and I would work together to decide what areas of Wellness would be of interest to briefly explore.


This party is for the hostess who has a specific area of wellness they’re interested in and they want to learn more about and share with their guests. This area of wellness would be explored in depth with examples and takeaways for guests.

Planning your party

When  planning a party the hostess and the coach will spend time to create a party specific to their needs and interests.  Some party ideas could be:

  • Reading labels and understanding what’s in your food
  • Healthy snacks and desserts your kids will love
  • Easy recipes with real food
  • Non Toxic DIY home cleaning
  • DIY personal care products
  • Helping your gut

There are endless possibilities…No party will be the same as another!

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