Homemade marshmallows was one of the first sweets that I turned into relatively healthy for my kids.   They  get excited when I make these plain or especially when paired with hot cocoa.  By now you should have caught on that if I’m serving a dessert or “sweet” dish to my kiddos, I’m trying to put a nutritious spin to it.  This is a perfect example.

The healthy spin to this recipe is it uses honey instead of sugar.  More importantly it uses grass fed beef gelatin.  This gives a whopping boost of nutrition to marshmallows without all the refined sugar and additives.  Gelatin has gut-healing properties, aids in digestion, and reduces inflammation.


Homemade Marshmallows 

Mix 1/2 cup of water and the gelatin in a stand mixer.

After it is incorporated, let sit while you prepare the sweetener.  In medium saucepan bring remaining 1/2 cup of water, honey, and vanilla to boil.  

Once you have reached rolling boil, allow it to boil about eight minutes.  If you are a candy thermometer person you need to reach 240 degrees F.  I do not break the thermometer out for this recipe and just go for the 8 minute mark.  After eight minutes, you want to immediately pour the honey mixture in the mixture with gelatin.  Your gelatin will be hard, so slowly incorporate the hot mixture.

Once it incorporates, turn your mixer on high and watch your marshmallows form.

My kids love this!  Mix on high for about 12 minutes.  When finished, you will have a marshmallow cream.  This is wonderful with hot cocoa or by itself.  Put remaining marshmallow in pan lined with greased parchment paper.

I use coconut oil for this.  Allow to harden for a few hours, then store in airtight container. (Cut with a knife buttered or with coconut oil, or just store in clumps like me:) Do not refrigerate.